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Rugged, stylish and extremely accurate AI gesture control made for an extreme lifestyle.

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Control your tech with a flick of your wrist

Stay connected – and hands free

Control your action camera

Control your mobile music player

Dismiss Incoming Calls


Urband X is the most accurate gesture control device ever created. AI-powered Gesture Recognition with +80% accuracy and it gets better every time you wear it.


Shock resistant, shatterproof, water-resistant, dustproof, and ready for anything you can throw at it.


Keeps going for 2 days and works with your action camera even when your phone runs out of battery.

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More Gestures, More Customizations


Flick Wrist

Raise Hand

Lower Hand


  • Skip tracks (double flick of the wrist forward, triple flick backward)
  • Set the volume (one tap and then hand up or down)
  • Play/pause (double tap)


  • Flick your hand twice to turn the recording on or off on your action camera
  • Flick your hand twice to take a picture with your mobile camera


  • Dismiss incoming calls
  • Send automatic SMS


  • Vibration feedback
  • Customizable LED notifications